Moonroot Tarot

Moonroot Tarot is a modern take on the traditional Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck. Each card is an illustration of a modern day woman embodying that archetype in her own unique way. The deck as a whole radiates divine feminine empowerment and encourages deep self-discovery.

These cards ask our divine feminine to sync with the changes of the moon, get comfortable with her nurturing energy, and use intuition to her advantage.

Packaged in sustainable materials - deck comes in a small recycled-material box with a cloth pouch for safe keeping. The creator wanted to contribute as little as possible to the destruction of trees and wildlife with this deck creation, opting for an online PDF guidebook to reduce environmental impact.

Deck Info & Details:

- Created by Columbus, OH artist
- Full 78-card deck on 350gsm with matte finish coating
- Card size: 4.75 inches x 2.75 inches (traditional tarot card sizing)
- Rounded corners & edge-to-edge printed art
- Comes with fresh sprig of lavender; please note if you have an allergy
- PDF Downloadable Guide Book

  • $60.00