Moon Batch Candle

Our favorite lunar-infused candles are back and available in an array of scents to help you manifest your desires or adorn your space!

Ritual Provisions candles are poured during the full moon, blessed on an altar and hand numbered. Each eco-friendly candle is lovingly handcrafted with using a special coconut-soy wax blend, the highest quality fragrance and essential oils + a natural, cleansed and charged crystal. 

Listing is for one candle with a 50-hour burn time. Choose from the scents below:

Artemis | citrus, floral, sandalwood & musk; quartz crystal

Bonfire | cedarwood, vanilla, red ginger & saffron; citrine crystal

Eros | dragon's blood, rose, patchouli & spice; rose quartz crystal

Full Moon | orange blossom, clove, cedar, patchouli & sandalwood; quartz crystal

Lunar Twilight | sweet cream, jasmine, orchid & musk; amethyst crystal

Moon Bloom | gardenia, tuberose, vanilla, jasmine & fig; apatite crystal

Nocturnal | hibiscus, jasmine, ylang ylang & geranium; hematite crystal

Starlight | patchouli, clove, musk, lily & amber; selenite crystal

  • $38.00