• Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid

Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid

Wood Grids are a beautiful way to amplify the intentions that you want to include in your practice. These grids can be used on your altar or deck, in your sacred space, on your bedside table or anywhere that you want to add intention into your life.

This design has Metatron's Cube. This Sacred design brings the power of 13 circles combined by lines of energy to connect the power of the grid. It contains every shape that is part of creation, also known as the Platonic Solids. This is a powerful grid and honestly my favorite energy tool to work with.

10 in diameter, laser cut on 1/8in wood board. Each piece of wood has its own characteristics and could be slightly darker than the one in the photos. The wood is unfinished and we did not treat it with any oils, stains, or lacquers. We prefer our grids as close to Momma Nature as possible.

This offering is for the wood grid ONLY and no crystals are included. The crystals in the pictures are only to give examples of how you can use the grids. We do offer crystals to use on your grids so please check out the rest of our shop for items to use on your grids.


The Grove Apothica, based in Canton, Ohio, intuitively creates pieces to give people something tangible to help them to grow, to relax, to reflect, to rejuvenate, and to heal.