• Matte Amethyst Intention Bracelet
  • Matte Amethyst Intention Bracelet

Matte Amethyst Intention Bracelet

Trust + Intuition

Amethyst is known for its connection to the mind. With the ability to clear negative thoughts, amethyst can restore your sense of calm and give you  clear access to your ideas, beliefs, and intuition.

Write down your deepest wish, tuck it inside your Wishbeads bracelet, and wear it as a daily reminder to take action.

  • Features solid brass cylinder and screw cap
  • Includes 5 wishpapers
  • Hand strung beads and clasp
  • Length: 18.0 cm

*Due to natural variations crystals and stones, each piece is unique and may differ from what is pictured.


More than just beautiful, intentional jewelry, Wishbeads is a socially responsible company who empowers young girls with tools to take control of their future. Through their Wishbeads Workshop they teach goal setting, self confidence, positive mindset, and mindfulness training.

Every purchase makes a Wishbeads Workshop possible for an underserved teen.