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Moon Blessed Water Spray

  • $22.00

Let lunar vibes charge your next ritual with Moon Blessed Water Spray. Perfect for manifestation and ancestral work, energy clearing, or simply as a divine mist for daily wear, each scent is handcrafted with love and intention.

Choose from two scents:

Manifest -  with notes of smoky amber and sandalwood, this sultry blend has been crafted to aid in manifestation, amplify good energy and attract abundance to yourself. Pro tip: use during the waxing moon phase.

Release - with notes of eucalyptus and wild sage, this refreshing blend has been crafted to cleanse, dispel, and release unwanted energy, and rejuvenate your space. Pro tip: use during the waning phase.

Comes packaged in a white spray bottle with gold, shimmery wax seal.

Listing is for one 8oz spray bottle.


The Bathing Native is an Indigenous-owned brand founded on nurturing native roots and sharing them with the world as natural skin care products. In their native culture, the true matriarch is Mother Earth; therefore, they strive to create items that do not take from Her. Each product is ethically created with sustainable materials and sourced with love and good intentions. Each package is carefully considered and curated to ensure compostability, recyclability, and free of single use plastics.

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