Lemurian Lazers

Over 12 million years ago, a peaceful civilization known as Lumeria was believed to have inhabited the Earth. It is thought that these beings planted seed crystals to transmit a message of oneness with the galaxy. In modern times, Lemurian crystals amplify the Universal Life Force and the Divine feminine energy to access wisdom of Ancient Lemuria. Connect to the empowering energies of celestial realms to aid in emotional healing with Lemurian's deeply loving vibrations.

*Listing is for one. Approximate sizes: 

2: about 3" long; 1" wide

3: about 3.25" long; 0.8" wide

4: about 4" long; 1" wide

6: about 3.5" long; 1.25" wide

8: about 3.25" long; 2" wide

Note: appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Please note natural materials may have slight imperfections.

  • $28.00