• La Lune New Beginnings Box
  • La Lune New Beginnings Box
  • La Lune New Beginnings Box

La Lune New Beginnings Box

Harness all the vibes of lunar phases and fresh starts with our new beginnings ritual kit! Use the sage and palo santo to cleanse your space and activate spiritual  connection. Ignite the white candle to set your intention. Channel pure white light  with the selenite moon (BONUS: use it to charge the quartz point and other crystals!). Allow the quartz to help you manifest your intention.

Each set includes the follow items, complete with a keepsake box to stash your ritual goods, crystals or decks:

  • Selenite crescent moon
  • Mini quartz point
  • Palo Santo
  • Sage bundle
  • White ritual candle + holder

Selenite - A high vibrational stone that helps ground light energy into the physical body while allowing one to connect to and access higher consciousness. It can be used to cleanse and charge crystals, dissolve blockages and remove lower, negative frequencies. 

Quartz - A Master Healer in the crystal kingdom. It helps to absorb and release energy, and amplify that of other stones. It aids in focus and clarity, and can be used to access high consciousness, making it the perfect companion for meditation and manifestation work.

White sage - Revered as a sacred herb for centuries, its fragrant smoke that can be used to cleanse the energy of a space.

Palo santo - Meaning 'holy wood' in Spanish, it has long been used in cleansing and healing ceremonies in South America. When burned it creates a sweet, uplifting scent, helping to raise your vibration and get you in a higher state of mind for meditation and spiritual work.

White ritual candle - Fire, a longheld symbol and rite of purification, helps manifest your goals. White candles represent peace, hope, and healing and can be used for any kind of ritual.