• Hollow Valley Sigil Oracle

Hollow Valley Sigil Oracle

The Hollow Valley Sigil Oracle is a 45-card, oracle deck featuring a useful and magically infused sigil on every card. Pull a card daily for guidance and direction, use them as clarifying cards in tarot readings, use the sigils you pull in spells or rituals, or just mediate on them for a little extra magic in your day. These cards require no guidebook and come in a variety of earthy, cozy colors.

SPECS: 45 count 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch sigil cards + 1 instructional card, rigid tuck box


The Hollow Valley is an oracle deck and magical supply company that focuses on finding comfort and power in the natural world, our own deep well of intuition, and the smallest joys of every day life. The Hollow Valley was born out of a process of healing myself. Making the esoteric more accessible and offering it up as a tool for processing, deeper understanding, and growth. All work is illustrated, written, and designed by Nashville-native Erin Alise Borzak - lover of nature, coffee, and all things magical.

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