Hematoid Quartz Palm Stone

While Quartz absorbs, stores and releases energies, while aiding in manifestation and illumination, Hematite is grounding and protective. Hematoid Quartz is the ultimate meditation power stone! 

Listing is for one. Choose from three sizes:

$40: about 3-3.5" long; 1.25" thick

$51: about 3.5-4" long; 1.5" thick

Note: when you order from this section, we’ll select the exact crystal - don’t fret, we’ll carefully hand pick the perfect high-vibe stone. Each piece is unique and may vary is shape, color and size from what is pictured. Appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Natural stones may have chips and imperfections.

*These stones have been heat-treated for enhanced color.

  • $24.00
  • $51.00