• Harmony Meditation Box
  • Harmony Meditation Box

Harmony Meditation Box

Raise your vibe and enhance your meditation practice with our Harmony Meditation Box. Each box set comes with a pair of selenite harmonizers and Harmony Meditation Oil, housed in a beautiful carved wood box with a lotus/hamsa design.

Holding a harmonizer in each hand, ground divine, healing light into your body and allow it to connect you to source, attuning you to your highest good. Use our handcrafted, crystal-infused meditation oil to calm, ground, and center—the perfect companion for getting you into a meditative and spiritual state.

  • Two selenite harmonizers (1.5"w x 4"h)
  • Meditation oil roller (10ml)
  • Carved wood box 

*Box measures 6"l x 6"w x 3"h (outer); 4"l x 4"w x 2.25"h (inner)

Ingredients (meditation oil): Lavender infused coconut oil, essential oils, amethyst. 10ml

  • $59.00