• Green Ritual Candle
  • Green Ritual Candle

Green Ritual Candle

Ignite your intention! Enhance your rituals with a little candle magick. Fire, a longheld symbol and rite of purification, helps manifest your goals. Grab the color that best fits the vibe in mind, and get lit!


Get ready for expansion in all things green. Green candles symbolize Mother Earth's natural rhythms, perfect for any ritual in which you are seeking growth and healing. Let it help you welcome luck and abundance into your life or burn away feelings of envy and anything else holding you back.

Note: due to these candles being handmade in small batches, color shades may vary slightly from the photo.


Candles are hand-poured, 100% beeswax with cotton wicks, and measure 4.5" tall, 0.5" in diameter. 2 hour burn time.

*Listing is for one candle

*Do not leave flame burning unattended

  • $2.50