Gold Birthstone Necklace

Dainty chain and gemstone bar necklace. The perfect piece to wear alone or to layer with other favorite necklaces. Choose your birthstone or a stone to represent an aspiration you have:

January - Garnet | Passion, Self-worth, Vitality

February - Amethyst | Peace, Intuition, Protection

March - Aquamarine | Truth, Trust, Communication

April - Quartz | Clarity, Harmony, Light

May - Emerald | Love, Vitality, Abundance

June - Pearl | Intuition, Balance, Wealth

July - Ruby | Energy, Courage, Passion

August - Peridot | Confidence, Growth, Harmony

September -Sapphire | Focus, Wisdom, Intellect

October - Pink Opal | Love, Emotional Healing, Balance

November - Citrine | Joy, Energy, Creativity

December - Turquoise | Tranquility, Wisdom, Protection

*15"-18" long with 14k Gold Filled chain.

*Listing is for one birthstone necklace. 

  • $38.00