• Earth is Holding You

Earth is Holding You

Earth is Holding You is an all-ages illustrated book created by writer Pixie Lighthorse and artist Flora Bowley. This encouraging and supportive book offers gentle guidance to develop your close relationship with the earth in order to help you handle the big feelings and occasions that arise as you live life and overcome it's obstacles. It is about holding on to inspiration, allowing feelings to move through you, facing your fears, and persevering through hardship, learning to trust, and valuing your creativity and wellness.

Connect with animals, plants and minerals for support for being on earth. Seek shelter in trees, clouds, mountains, rivers and lakes. Nurture your spirit with rainbows, inspire your feelings to flow like waterfalls, be energized by the creative forces of lightening, become resilient and trusting by remembering that everything in nature contains just what it needs to be well.

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