Earth Goddess Botanical Perfume

Calm, uplift, or focus your energy and smell great while you do it with Earth Goddess Botanicals' all-natural perfumes! Handcrafted with plant-based ingredients in small batches, perfume is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made with love. Choose from four scents:

Aphrodite - Let the light and sensual aroma of Aphrodite uplift your spirits, while relieving stress and insomnia. Formulated to bolster self-confidence, promote happiness, and instill emotional wellness with a blend of pure therapeutic grade rose, geranium, and neroli.

Artemis Named for the Greek goddess of the hunt, wildlife & the forest and hills, Artemis, represents strength and protection. Specially crafted with a blend of pure therapeutic grade patchouli and vetiver, and a touch of sweetness provided by ylang ylang, to evoke the beauty and calm of the forest.

Flora - Adorn yourself with the Flora's fresh and floral scent. Specially formulated with pure therapeutic grade lavender, rosemary, and jasmine to help calm your mind, relieve stress and anxiety, while promoting emotional wellness and boosting mental clarity.

Sol Give yourself a little dose of happiness, with Sol's uplifting and energizing blend. specially crafted with a bright and comforting blend of citrus, ginger, and vanilla. The combination of sweet orange and grapefruit help to uplift your spirits, enhance your mood, and instill energy, while calming the mind. The addition of ginger aids in relieving stress and anxiety and reducing feelings of fatigue and lethargy. The relaxation benefits of vanilla, help to comfort and reduce anxious feelings.  

To use: spritz on your pulse points (wrists, inside elbows, behind ears, neck) to enhance the bountiful benefits of the aroma. 

*Listing is for one 2oz bottle of perfume. Packaged in a glass bottle with gold cap.


Earth Goddess Botanicals was created from a love for nature, and all of the wonderful properties it possesses. Their products focus on mind, body, and soul- when you feel good, you look good & when you look good, you feel good!

  • $35.00