• Earth Element Spray

Earth Element Spray

This intention spray is made with essential oils and moon purified stones connected to the elemental essence of earth, bringing grounding and abundance to your life.

The Magic

MALACHITE • vibrational number: 9 • known as the mirror of the soul, allowing for personal growth and success • gives strength and wisdom in your professional pursuits

PICTURE JASPER • vibrational number: 8 • helps us to see the bigger picture and move forward with courage and confidence • enhances vitality, brings abundance, and keeps us growing physically

PATCHOULI • assists in our connection with the planet and the past vibrational patterns that we may encounter upon our journey • a fragrance of action, reminding us we need to take the first steps to achieve our dreams

CEDARWOOD • used for meditation as it calms and quiets the mind • one of the most spiritually and emotionally grounding oils

BERGAMOT • provides protection, prosperity, and happiness • commonly used for money and success

The Ritual

Shake and mist into atmosphere, body, or linen and breathe in EARTH for a quiet moment in the woods. Use during money rituals with positive intentions for enhanced magic.

Ingredients: (VEGAN): Distilled Water, Organic Distilled Spirits, Pure Essential Oil Blend(Patchouli, Cedarwood, Bergamot), Malachite, Picture Jasper, Plant Preservative.

2 fl oz of spay comes packaged in a clear glass bottle.


Blue Wilde products are crafted to help you harness your own powers. Each creation is hand made with crystals that are cleansed on the full moon and plant spirits that have an ancient knowledge of the cycles of the universe. These vibrations give them a cosmic energy that transforms to you.

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