Dripping Rainbows Crystal Sun Catcher

Dripping Rainbows is just what she sounds like! A sexy, fun, playful, over the top Rainbow extravaganza!

Each piece of this amazing sun catcher is solid brass, hand cut, formed, soldered, buffed and assembled. The 3 arches range in size and are hand formed on a variety of found objects that allow the creation of the perfect arcs. Each end of each arc is finished with 14mm octagonal window crystals, 6 in total. In the middle hangs a large 30mm faceted Disco window crystal and each sun catcher comes finished with 2 feet of solid brass chain and a S-hook.

Listing is for one sun catcher. Each sun catcher is designed and handcrafted by Dericole Designs in Columbus, OH.


"Rainbows are the symbol of hope and promise, they're the prize for weathering the storm. Time and time again rainbows assure us that there will be beauty and clarity following times of darkness." - Dericole Designs

  • $78.00