• Divine Feminine Botanical Bath Soak

Divine Feminine Botanical Bath Soak

The Divine Feminine Botanical Bath Salt

Not only is this salt detoxing and mineral rich, it's full of essential oils and botanicals that unleash your inner goddess/divine feminine source and activate your heart/solar plexus chakras. A charged Rose quartz is included in this beautiful bottle which you can use in your bathing ritual or carry on your person.

~Enough for several baths

Use the recommended use for each bath, as these are very potent salts and can irritate the skin. External use only. Always consult with your health professional Before using herbal medicine. These statements have not been regulated by the FDA; and are not intended to cure, or treat any illness, condition, or disease. Please be aware of any food allergies or sensitives you might have before incorporating any herbal products into your daily routine. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Venus In Aquarius apothica LLC is NOT responsible for misuse or adverse reactions to products.


Venus In Aquarius Apothica is a shop specializing in astrological aromatherapy with the intention to inspire divine balance in each sign, using 100% organic/all natural essential oils/absolutes and herbs. All oils are sourced with sustainability in mind. No synthetic fragrances or toxic ingredients used here! The goal in mind is to use only the goodness from nature, because that's where the real magic happens.

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