Crystal Moon & Stand

Honor your phases and ring in new beginnings with lunar energy! These Crystal Crescent Moons pay homage to the moon and all her healing magick. These beautiful hand-carved pieces are the perfect statement piece for any sacred space.


*Listing is for one moon and its metal stand. Approximate sizes:

Diana (Jasper): approx. 11" tall by 4.5" wide

Luna (Jasper and Pink Amethyst): approx. 13.5" tall by 4" wide

Maya (Pink Amethyst): approx. 12.75" tall by 4" wide

Mawu (Pink Amethyst): approx. 14" tall by 6" wide

Chel (Quartz): approx. 12" tall by 5.5" wide

Selene (Pink Amethyst): approx. 11" tall by 7" wide

Artemis (Jasper and Quartz): approx. 14" tall by 6" wide


Note: appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Natural stones may have slight chips, cracks, and imperfections.

  • $444.00