• Cosmic Uplift Roller Blend

Cosmic Uplift Roller Blend

Our self-love roller blend was inspired to journey with you in your self-love & self-care journey. When you're feeling unworthy, lack in love, a disconnection with self, our roller blend is a reminder that you are more than enough. This is why we felt led to create this roller blend infused with rose quartz crystals as it promotes love in all aspects in life, as well as self-love. The aromatic blends were selectively chosen to love yourself.

Ideas of when to use it (though just follow your intuition of when it feels right):
- Feeling disconnected
- Raising your vibration
- Enhances mood
- Reduces stress & alleviates depression
- Stimulates your confidence levels
- Overall promoting a sense of well-being


MCT coconut oil, bergamot EO, geranium EO, frankincense EO, intention based, rose quartz infused crystal, 528 hz

Packaged in a 10 mL glass container. Infused with 528 hz frequencies. Crafted with high vibrations and intentions; blessed and cleansed with palo santo.


Self Goddess is unleashing your inner Goddess by promoting self-love.