Citrus Crystal Candle

Wish you could bring the beach vibes home? This beautiful candle's fresh and rejuvenating citrus scent and cool teal crystal hues will make you feel like you're on that well-deserved vacay! Smells like a fresh ocean breeze + the zest of juicy oranges wafting through your open window.

Each hand-poured candle is topped with a dried orange slice, baby's breath, and genuine green aventurine and amazonite crystals for added tranquility. Made with 100% beeswax and natural fragrance for a clean burn.

These candles have been infused with Reiki, a Japanese healing art focused on balancing universal life energy for harmony and wellbeing.

Listing is for one 10oz candle.

Burns for about 60+ hours.


8th Haus Healing is based in Canton, OH providing healing services and support through one-on-one guidance and candles infused with positive energy and love.

  • $35.00