• Cactus Flower Candle - Selene Stone

Cactus Flower Candle

Candles are 100% vegetable based blended with soy and scented with phthalate-free fragrances and/or pure essential oils. Candles are hand-poured & blended into a 4 oz. (20+ hour burn) or 11 oz. (65+ hour burn) reusable glass jar, which can be recycled or re-used for odds and ends, a drinking glass, or small planter. Wicks made of cotton.

Ingredients: essential oils, fine fragrance, soy wax & botanicals

Cactus Flower - Desert blossoms, sweet cactus pear, warm sand, rich amber with hints of sweet agave nectar.

Zoet Bathlatier is an artisan candle and apothecary line with inspiration rooted in nature and culture. Products are handcrafted with artisan quality in Malvern, Pennsylvania and contain many natural ingredients, high quality essential oils, fine fragrances and botanicals. They are free from harsh preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol, as well as phthalates, sulfates and artificial colors.

Founder Ilka Evans was drawn to crafting bath and body formulations at an early age. Zoet (pronounced zoot), is the Dutch word meaning: sweet, soft, gentle, fresh and the good things in life. Bathlatier™ (bath•la•tier) is a maker or seller of luxe home goods, bath and body concoctions.

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