• "Brizo" Zeolite Cluster
  • "Brizo" Zeolite Cluster

"Brizo" Zeolite Cluster

Gentle, soft, and soothing - the Zeolite fam's got your back. Made up of hundreds of minerals, including heulandite, apophillite, stilbite, chalcedony, and more, their range of shapes and structures are thought to draw out toxins and absorb negativity. Use Zeolite whenever you need to purify and uplift stagnant energy or infuse peaceful vibes. Because of their soft energy flow and detoxing properties, we also think they make great pals for houseplants!

Measures approx. 8" inches long and about 5" wide.

Brizo is an ancient Greek goddess known as the protector of sailors and dream interpreter.

Note: appearance of color may vary in different lighting.

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