Bi-Sphere Crystal Sun Catcher

Don’t wait around for rainbows after rainstorms. You can have rainbows every day with this sun catcher! Harnessing the power of the suns rays filtering thru high quality Asfour Egyptian leaded crystal creating the most brilliant colors of the rainbow all over your room.

This simple and lovely sun catcher features one large Asfour Egyptian faceted pear shaped crystal and hangs inside 2 intersecting solid brass rings. Hangs from 24 inches of solid brass (made in US) chain and comes with a S hook to hang directly from your existing curtain rod.

Listing is for one sun catcher. Each sun catcher is designed and handcrafted by Dericole Designs in Columbus, OH.


"Rainbows are the symbol of hope and promise, they're the prize for weathering the storm. Time and time again rainbows assure us that there will be beauty and clarity following times of darkness." - Dericole Designs

  • $38.00