• Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura

Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura

Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura is an illustrated guide to the ancient science of energy healing. Originally designed as a lecture series that has toured the United States, Eliza Swann expanded the content into this guidebook, based on feedback from thousands of students who wanted a simple and clear guide for personal study. Though there are a few classic books about the aura, including Man and His Bodies and Hands of Light, these books contain outmoded language and illustrations. Swann reaches a contemporary audience with her modern makeover of the field that uses inclusive language and has a more intersectional understanding of health and wellness culture.

Auras uncovers what an “aura” is from both mystical and scientific perspectives, the history of the aura (where does this term come from?), an in-depth explanation of the layers of the human aura, an extensive glossary of terminology relating to the human aura, techniques for learning to perceive auras, and finally, techniques for healing the aura. The writing is designed to provide a playful, inclusive, and accessible guide to help beginners navigate the human energy field and learn to read and heal auras.
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