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"Arwen" Smoky Amethyst Elestial

  • $266.00


Lift your Third Eye to the sky! The word "elestial" is rooted in the connection to the angelic realm, enhancing the cosmic roots of these lil pieces of magic. Elestial crystals form in complex layers, often with indentations and crevices along the surface. These unique shapes are thought to advance the stone's energetic properties, helping with Third Eye and Crown chakra work as well as connecting to your higher self. Smoky Amethyst is kinda like a metaphysical houseplant, using its shadowy aesthetic to absorb and purify energy while offering protection and enhancing intuition.

Piece has hematite inclusions.

Arwen measures about 3.6" by 3.5".

Note: appearance of color may vary in different lighting. Natural stones may have slight imperfections.

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