Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

Inhale goodness - exhale bulls*t. These Shower Steamers are the perfect way to add aromatherapy into your everyday life. 

To use: Place shower steamer on shower floor or soap ledge. As it comes in contact with water, it will fizz and become effervescent. Take some deep breaths and relax as your shower steamer fizzes, releasing the power of essential oils. Each kraft bag contains 1 shower steamer that's perfect for 1 shower.

For best results, use hot water and keep shower curtain or door closed. **Do not use as a bath bomb, intended for shower use only. For external use ONLY.

Choose from 3 scents:

Lavender: helps with reducing stress and anxiety due to its natural calming properties.

Citrus: Sweet Orange releases stagnant energy; Lemon supports and encourages you to live in the present moment.

Mint: Rosemary for promoting clarity; Peppermint for removing stress, pain, and fear; Eucalyptus to clear the mind and regain balance.


Divine Purity is a family-run company that produces natural self-care products that aid the user in their emotional and physical well-being. 

  • $5.50