Arches Crystal Sun Catcher

Arches are like bridges, they close the gaps, they can connect us to the past, present and future. They can give us access to another side, or draw our eye or attention to the next thing. They are beautiful and functional. This design was a portrait of bridging the gap to the next chapter. In a time when we’ve been thru so much and still have so much further to go, I hope this Arch can serve as a reminder that there is always a connection to the next step.

Fabricated entirely from hand, this type of construction means solder seams will be visible. All of the pieces are brought together with heat, flux and solder to join them and make them one. Each piece of solid brass is hand cut, sanded and assembled—no two pieces will be exactly alike.

Arches measures approximately 8 inches long by 4inches wide. Each one will come complete with a two foot adjustable solid brass chain (made in America) and a S-hook making your sun catcher ready to hang and enjoy immediately. Features two 14mm crystals and one 20mm crystal. 

Listing is for one sun catcher. Each sun catcher is designed and handcrafted by Dericole Designs in Columbus, OH.


"Rainbows are the symbol of hope and promise, they're the prize for weathering the storm. Time and time again rainbows assure us that there will be beauty and clarity following times of darkness." - Dericole Designs

  • $58.00