• Amethyst Copper Pendulum
  • Amethyst Copper Pendulum

Amethyst Copper Pendulum

*Flawed But Fierce* - This pendulum has a small chip on the tip

Dowsing with a pendulum is one of the oldest forms of divination. The behavior of a pendulum provides an external physical representation of your inner knowing and instincts. To use a pendulum, hold the bead between your forefinger and thumb of your dominant hand. Hover the tip of the stone about an inch over your other palm, focusing on a question you would like answered. You can say it aloud or just in your head – just be sure to focus hard. The pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information so you must work with it to achieve attunement with your intuitive powers. 

Everyone is different and you will build your own relationship with your pendulum through asking simple yes or no questions – noting its behavior accordingly. It is common that a clockwise circular motion indicates “yes” and a counterclockwise circular motion indicates “no”. Another common behavior for a pendulum involves diagonal back and forth motions like a cross. 

Pendulum is on a 7" copper chain topped with a gemstone bead.


The Cyprus Cabinet was founded in 2016 by daughter-mother duo Madison and Adrienne Mckenna, handcrafted in a home studio in central Massachusetts. Their objective is to harness the natural healing properties of copper and crystals to create one-of-a-kind high vibration pieces.