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Crystal Infused Florida Water

  • $22.00

Bad Sh*t, BE GONE!

Protect and purify yourself (and space!) with Selene Stone's Florida Water. This is our own intuitively crafted take on Florida Water—brewed on a new moon and infused with crystals for a full lunar cycle. Each bottle contains 4 oz. of our signature scent (floral with hints of citrus & spice) and infused with genuine crystals:

- Snowflake obsidian for shielding, purity and balance

- Dalmatian jasper to ground, protect and uplift

- Quartz to cleanse, release and raise energy

Uses: Give a spritz whenever you feel the need for grounding or protection, or to be uplifted. Use it to clear negative energy, cleanse crystals & healing objects. Place it in a bowl as an offering or use in rituals. Add it to mop water for home cleansing—use it however you feel guided!

Ingredients: Rose water, botanicals, spirits, essential oils, genuine crystals. 

Charged under a full moon. Handcrafted in Canton, OH.

Packaged in a frosted glass bottle. Not for consumption. Color of sprayer/lid may vary between silver and gold.

Please note, this product and information is not intended to diagnose ,treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


Named for the mythical location of the fountain of youth, Florida water was first created in the early 1800's as a cologne and has since become a favorite in spiritual and religious practices for its cleansing and protecting properties.

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