Medusa's Gaze Candle

Celebrate empowerment, overcome obstacles, speak your truth, and channel your authentic inner power with the Medusa's Gaze Candle.

Many recognize Medusa, the mythical woman with snakes for hair, but few recognize the lessons in her story. Stifled by patriarchal pressures upon women, she was once sought for her beauty to appease male pleasure, and then demonized when her power posed a threat to the men who crossed her. Painted as a villain despite being deformed and attacked, Medusa was cast as a monster and eventually beheaded. Medusa's story has turned her from victim to feminist icon in modern cultures, a reclaiming for women to harness their inner nature, heal trauma, and fight male oppression. 

Strong and powerful women everywhere - this one is for you! Each candle features a copper disc to represent Perseus's shield, along with quartz, hematite, and tigers eye crystals to represent strength, protection, and courage.  

Scent notes: frankincense, amber, and cypress

Hand-poured, 100% soy wax.


The Bathing Native is an Indigenous-owned brand founded on nurturing native roots and sharing them with the world as natural skin care products. In their native culture, the true matriarch is Mother Earth; therefore, they strive to create items that do not take from Her. Each product is ethically created with sustainable materials and sourced with love and good intentions. Each package is carefully considered and curated to ensure compostability, recyclability, and free of single use plastics.

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