• Moon Dust Clay Mask

Moon Dust Clay Mask

Moon Dust is a healing, detoxifying, and potent mask intended to assist with oily complexion and acne prone skin. This combination of bentonite and white kaolin clay with activated charcoal bind to impurities, dirt, oil, and bacteria deep into the pores and extract everything out or bring things to the surface to heal. We then add a variety of roots, botanicals, and ground herbs to assist with the healing process.

Calendula Flower Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Ginger root powder, Turmeric powder and neem leaf powder all come together to even the skins complexion, reduce the appearance of scars, leave you glowing, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mix 1/2 TBSP with liquid of choice. (apple cider vinegar is recommended) until you have a yogurt like consistency. Apply onto face and neck, and allow to leave on for 15 minutes or until the mask is fully dried. Rinse with warm water.


Venus In Aquarius Apothica is a shop specializing in astrological aromatherapy with the intention to inspire divine balance in each sign, using 100% organic/all natural essential oils/absolutes and herbs. All oils are sourced with sustainability in mind. No synthetic fragrances or toxic ingredients used here! The goal in mind is to use only the goodness from nature, because that's where the real magic happens.

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